Gallery of selected projects

A selection of the main projects I have initiated and/or participated since the years 1980s. Thanks to all the teams, numerous people and students who have worked with me on these projects.

Gallerie avec une sélection de projets

Une sélection des principaux projets que j'ai initié et/ou auxquels j'ai participé depuis les années 1980. Un grand merci à toutes les équipes, les nombreux participants et étudiants qui ont travaillés avec moi sur ces projets.

  • Projects 2010-Now
    (25) HAL_9000 (2010): chatbot implementation of 2001's supercomputer for the "Science et Science-fiction" exhibition (Cité des Sciences). (26) MISS HOUSE (2011): Schizophrenic multi-personality architecture for conversational agents that fetchs information on the web and uses it in the flow of conversation. (27) LIVING MONA-LISA (2015): giving life to Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting using advanced CGI and AI for "Futur en Seine" exhibition (F. Aziosmanoff, Strate, Cap Digital, Région Ile-de-France). (28) ANNA (2015): working on a new connexionist software architecture.
  • Projects 2000-2009
    (13) EVA (2004): first implementation of the Evolutionary Virtual Architecture with an avatar inspired by Ken Perlin's work. (14) VIRTUAL PLANT (2006): "plant tamagoshi" on a mobile phone using Lindenmayer's L-Systems (Paris-V). (15) LIFREDROP 2 (2007): 3D implementation of the Lifedrop virtual ecosystem. (16) ORACLE (2007): chatbot with an animated 3D avatar based on the EVA technology. (17) GHOST (2007): human-size hologram of an avatar projected on rotating strings (with C. Vachez). (18) VIRGINIE (2008): first implementation of a conversational agent for the CG92. (19) ALICIA (2009): second imlementation of a virtual assistant for CG92's web site. (20) EVOLUTION (2008): interactive genetic algorithm for the creation of chatbot avatars. (21) FUTURA (2009): 3D avatars of Metropolis's robot. (22) HYPERSCREEN (2009): Interactive multi-screen architecture running a giant Life cellular automata. (23) VIRTUAL GEISHA (2009): hyper-realistic geisha avatar for Alioscopy 3D screens. (24) STELLAR DYNAMICS (2009): study of complex stellar dynamics using hierachical models (J-C. Torrel's thesis).
  • Projects 1990-1999
    (5) KIM20 (1990): first VLSI 20Mhz implementation of the KIM RISC AI microprocessor. (6) KIM200 (1992): 200Mhz implementation of a radical evolution of the KIM AI RISC microprocessor. (7) PROMETHEUS/PROCHIP (1990): working on one of the early european autonomous car project (PSA and IEF/Paris-XI). (8) ELECTRONIC COPILOT (1991): implementing KOS and KIM on a pilot assistant for fighter aicrafts (Dassault Aviation and DGA). (9) CLAIRE (1994): implementing a realtime expert system for traffic regulation in Paris, London, etc. (INRETS and CGA). (10) GENERALIZED LIFE (1996): studying complexity at the "edge of chaos" with a generalization of Conway's Cellular Automata. (11) LIFEDROP (1999): implementation of Richard Dawkins's biomorphs as a virtual ecosystem for studying evolution. (12) M31 (1999): studying complexity classes of stellar gravitation dynamics.
  • Projects 1980-1989
    (1) RADIOCOM 200/2000 (1983): programming the first french mobile phones using Z80 assembler (Matra Communication). (2) HECATE and LASER ROBOT (1985): Machine vision and cutting power laser projects at the DGA/ETCA Perception Systems Lab. (3) KIM10 (1986): first implementation of the Knowledge-based Integrated Machine AI RISC processor. (4) KOS (1986): Knowledge-based Operating System is the idea of a realtime multi-expert operating system.